Morgan Corl: ‘I want to inspire others to make big goals ’

Morgan’s training includes early-morning “Track Tuesday” workouts with friends.

Morgan Corl ran her first race, the Bank of Fincastle 5k, in second grade as part of a team competing against other Botetourt County elementary schools.

“I was hooked from the start and haven’t stopped running since,” she said. “My dad was also a runner and I loved having a shared passion and looking up to him for running advice and guidance on training progressions.”

It influenced her career path – physical therapist and online running coach — and is a huge part of how she spends her free time.

“Running is what helps me decrease stress and is a huge part of my mental health. I love both the physical and mental benefits it provides. Running has also provided me with friendships, adventures, challenges, failures and growth as a person,” she says.

Even her Instagram handle — RunMo.Worryless — reflects her love of the sport and her positive outlook on life. If she’s not running, there’s still a pretty good chance you will find Morgan outside.

I love camping — my husband and I have a camper, but we still tent camp sometimes — and I enjoy swimming, hiking, kayaking, attending music festivals — really, anything outdoors!

Morgan Corl | Age 29

Hometown: Grew up in Botetourt County, Virginia; now lives in Christiansburg with her husband Jesse. 

What brought you to the NRV? I went to Virginia Tech for undergrad and then returned after physical therapy school because I missed Blacksburg 🙂

Occupation? Physical therapist and online running coach

Last race? Sprint Triathlon in New Hampshire on June 26th, 2021!

Next race? Possibly Richmond Marathon (haven’t signed up yet)

Favorite race? This is SO hard to choose, but I love the Trail Ragnar Relays. I’ve done one in West Virginia and Richmond. I love the aspect of having a team aspect and being able to camp at the same time 🙂

Advice for new runners? You don’t have to be fast to be a “runner.” I hear a lot of people talking about how they don’t consider themselves a runner because they are too slow or because they alternate walking and running. Have confidence and believe in yourself! Start with goals that are attainable but still scare you a little bit. If you ever have any questions regarding training or injury prevention or overcoming an injury, please get in touch with me!! My background in physical therapy and now coaching runners online is my passion. I have a niche for working with beginner runners so don’t hesitate to reach out.

The Triple Crown route include McAfee’s Knob, Tinker Cliffs and Dragon’s Tooth.

Most satisfying running accomplishment? Completing the Triple Crown in July 2020 (35 miles with 9,000 ft of elevation gain). Two of my friends (Corinne Guimont and Harper Lovegrove) and I started by going up McAfee’s Knob and then going toward Tinker Cliffs, across to North Mountain and we finished with Dragon’s Tooth on a blistering hot summer day. I didn’t know if I would finish, and I was definitely dehydrated and loopy the last several miles. It was the best feeling in the world to see friends and family in the parking lot at the end.

Proudest race moment? I tend to be competitive in nature, especially during races. I did the Disney Princess Half Marathon several years ago and I told myself to have fun with it and not worry about my time. I stopped and took pictures with characters that were dressed up (Perspective: during road races, I rarely stop at the aid stations because I don’t want it to take away from my overall time). I absolutely loved running through the castle before the sun came up. I’m glad I kept my ego in check and made this race fun and enjoyable without being concerned about my time.

Favorite workout? I love really long, easy runs in the woods (even better when it is with girlfriends!). My favorite distance is anywhere between 8-15 miles.

Favorite places to run? Too many places to pick! I love running on campus, the Huckleberry Trail, Pandapas, and along the Appalachian Trail. My husband and I often travel on the weekends and I love exploring new routes wherever we are staying! Anywhere that has water and/or bridge crossings = very high on my list!

Roads or Trails? I have spent more time on the roads, but I’ve come to love the trails more 🙂 Being in nature and running is the best combination.

Any running superstitions or rituals? No superstitions. No matter what the race is, I always have butterflies in my stomach and I have to pace around until the race starts; often having to jump in place/stay moving if they make you get to your corral early

Favorite gear? I love my Nathan hydration vest!! Life saver for long runs to help with hydration, snacks, and first aid supplies. I don’t have a favorite shoe as I like to try different ones! I do love my headlamp (Fenix HL60R)

Suggestion for growing our running community? Having events outside of running where people can meet others (especially those that are different paces as they likely won’t have a chance to meet during a running event).

Favorite pre-run fuel? Usually a bagel with cream cheese is a good go to as it doesn’t upset my stomach too much. I also love Clifbar’s Peanut Toffee Buzz (has a little caffeine in it!)

Favorite post-run recovery/reward meal? I love salty french fries!! (or any kind of potato)

Fact most people don’t know about you? I do a #funfactfriday each week on social media, so it is hard to pick something that most people don’t know! But one fact that came to mind: I ran a half marathon during my honeymoon! It was with Vacation Races just outside of The Grand Tetons. My husband and I were able to visit multiple national parks including the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier. We also went to Banff, Canada for a few days. Highly recommend ALL of these places and we can’t wait to go back and visit them.

Running goals in the next few years? I would love to complete a 50K race since I haven’t done an official 50K race! I would also love to cross off a few more states (I have a goal to complete a race in all 50 states and I have completed 12 so far). I want to inspire others to make big goals and watch them complete those goals.

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