Want to qualify for Boston? Vince can show you how.

Vince Baranauskas’ goals for 2019 include running at least six races with his five daughters.

Vince Baranauskas is a modest guy.

Asked to cite his most satisfying running accomplishment, Vince says: “Completing the Richmond Marathon in 2018.”

That’s a bit of an understatement.

Vince didn’t just complete the 26.2-mile distance — he raced to a blazing 2:53:19 (6:36 pace per mile) finish to place 61 in a field of 4,000 runners. He beat the Boston Marathon qualifying time for his age group by more than 15 minutes.

A pretty impressive day indeed – the result of a summer of hard training miles, many of them on the Huckleberry Trail.

“That’s my absolute favorite place to run,” he says.

Vince Baranauskas

Hometown: Born in Tunkhannock, PA and have lived in Blacksburg since starting Virginia Tech in 1997.

Age: 39

Occupation: Synthetic chemist with Ph.D. in macromolecular science and engineering earned at Virginia Tech.

When and why did you start running? I have been running all of my life and have used it for a combination of physical and mental health.

Proudest race moment? Finishing the Richmond Marathon with a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

Most frustrating running experience? Dealing with posterior tibial tendonitis.

Who inspires and/or motivates you? That is a tough question. I find inspiration in just about everybody I see running and walking.

Advice for new runners? Take it slow, pay attention to your body, and get properly fitted for shoes at Runabout Sports in Blacksburg.

Favorite race? Hokie Half Marathon.

Trails or roads? I prefer running on the road because I love to get a nice rhythm and not focus on the terrain. While I enjoy running on trails, I always end up doing a face plant because my focus drifts away from obstacles to the scenery and my cadence.

Music or no music? Yes! A wide variety of types but mostly 90’s alternative.

Any running superstitions or rituals? Not yet

Suggestion for growing/improving our running community? I love the direction the local run community is going. Having a local group chat board for any and all topics related to running would be really nice.

Fact many people don’t know about you? I have five daughters!

Running goals for 2019? Complete two marathons (one of them being Richmond), get a PR at the Hokie Half, and run at least 6 races with my daughters.

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Vince was all smiles after a 2:53:19 Richmond Marathon in November.

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