Max Stallkamp: Experienced forest runner getting to know Virginia’s trails

Old glory trail race
Max Stallkamp finished second in November’s inaugural Old Glory trail half marathon in 2:14:08.

Max Stallkamp embodies the international makeup of our community.

He was born in Osnabruck, Germany, has lived in 6 countries – “so far” — and is a permanent resident of Canada.  He also speaks French, German and English.

The 31-year-old moved to Blacksburg in the fall of 2018 to work as an assistant professor of international business at Virginia Tech. His research focuses on how firms initiate, expand, and organize their international activities.

Max has become a regular at the Runabout Sports Wednesday night pubs runs and the Blacksburg Striders Saturday morning trail runs.

When and why did you start running?  I started running one summer evening in 2003 because it was nice outside and I had nothing better to do. I have been running ever since, with varying intensity. Cross-country, marathons, triathlons. Now that I’m an old man mostly trail races.

Proudest race moment? I ran a marathon without a watch and as I turned the final corner, a spectator yelled “you can break 3 hours!.” I went into sprint mode and came in at 2:59:18. My first and only sub-three marathon.

Advice for new runners? Just one foot in front of the other.

Favorite race? Sulphur Springs 25k in Ancaster, Ontario (Canada). I also really liked the Old Glory Trail Runs.

Trails or roads? That’s a rather arbitrary distinction. I ran in forests for years before being informed that there is such a thing as “trail running”. I guess I am surface agnostic.

Music or no music? No music.

Fact many people don’t know about you? I love running in fresh snow! The deeper the better!

Running goals for 2019? Discover more scenic parts of Virginia. Maybe try a 50k!

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Backroads 800m 04-2018 (2)

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